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About us
CSV Terre Estensi was established in 2020 by merging the two Service Centres for Volunteering of the provinces of Ferrara and Modena – Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy), active since 1995.
CSV Terre Estensi is an agency for community engagement and development that aims to promote, support and foster volunteering, active citizenship and the culture of solidarity. We provide services and develop projects for more than 2.000 volunteer and non-governmental organisations of the territory and our membership base includes more than 100 associations. The Service Centres for volunteering are regulated by the Italian legislation (Third Sector Code Legislative Decree 117/17 and 2016 reform Law 106). We are member of CSVnet – the Italian national association of service centres for volunteering, that includes 49 CSVs and represents them both at national and European level. The CSV network provides services to about 49.500 Italian non-governmental organisations and millions of volunteers.

Our Services
We provide a wide range of services for both the organisational and competencies development and the improvement of advocacy capacities of non-governmental organisations and volunteers. To this end, we offer: training; logistic support; communication services; counselling on organisational, administrative, legislative and financial issues, project design and management, fundraising.

Our Projects
We promote and manage projects and initiatives according to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in collaboration with non-governmental organisations, public institutions, education system and private companies on various topics and needs related to welfare, community development, active citizenship and social innovation.

Some examples:

Poverty relief: start-up, development of and support to social markets/food banks providing food, basic goods and supplementary services for social inclusion, active citizenship and job search. We also manage local and regional networks of social markets in collaboration with Emilia-Romagna Region and other relevant stakeholders.

Social inclusion: fostering of inclusive living of persons with disabilities; integration of migrants through volunteering and the active involvement of the communities, collaboration with NGO’s for promoting values of international cooperation and solidarity; engagement of unemployed or people receiving social security benefits in volunteering activities and community services.

Youth and education: collaboration with schools and universities for the promotion of the values of volunteering, solidarity and active citizenship; training and management of thousands internships of students at non-governmental organisations.

Families and caregivers: support to disadvantaged families through the help of volunteers and associations (e.g. childcare, household chores); co-housing experiences for elderlies affected by dementia and support to their families through the involvement of NGOs, public health and social services.  

Environment and common goods: awareness-raisinginitiatives and promotion of affordable and clean growth, contrast to climate change.

Corporate Social Responsibility: collaboration with enterprises for the support to social and charities projects, partnership with non-governmental organisations, facilitation of charitable donations, corporate volunteering programmes.European funded projects: partnership in severalmobility programmes (Erasmus+, EVS) addressing volunteers, youngsters, disadvantaged groups and social workers.

Mr. Andrea Bellani – Head of projects and community engagement Dept.                  tel. +39-3442671363

Ms. Angela Artusi – Project Manager                    tel. +39-059212003